In the home building process, people can be unsure of how to take the first step. Whether it is looking for land, looking for a housing company or looking for a builder. All these questions can make it hard to take the first step because building your first home is a special occasion and people don’t want to make the wrong move. Here at Ikon Homes, we don’t want there to be any confusion in the process, we want you to be in control the whole time. Here’s what Ikon home does to get you started, and get your new build underway.

We initially make contact with people through either the show home, a phone call or we get a web inquiry through Facebook or our website. We always encourage people that they do need to come to the show home. We like to show people our best quality of build, our standard products, standard starter heights, standard vanities. What room sizes would feel nice and more comfortable. The sliders, ensuites, glass, heated showers. Once you’ve walked through the house then we’ll have a sit down and have what we call a design brief meeting. Generally, we’ll have already gone to see the site, and then when the client comes and everybody knows what they are after, they can tell us how they feel about how the property can develop and how they want it to sit on the site.

When they come in they generally are at that point where we already know what kind of a feel they’re looking for. So we have another general design brief meeting and then I send them away with homework. And the homework first off is just about design so they take photos of houses that they like that they’ve driven past, or they’ll go online and they might find an idea they like. They might go on Pinterest and get some more ideas and they’ll tag it like love the kitchen on this one, love the exterior cladding in this one, love the roof colour, and so forth and so on.

We build an idea in our head of what they’re going to like. And it’s easier than trying to extract it out of their brain verbally. Once these are taken care of, we look at how the house will sit on the site, sometimes there’s only certain ways you can build on a site. North ergonomically and site size. There can be setbacks in the new unitary plan and they could be things like the new way of doing it, your garage door has to be set back two metres from the front of the building, we need to have passive viewing from the front. So it’s designed definitely in a unitary plan perspective.

We’ll take all your ideas and put them into a plan which meets your idea of the house you want to build while also taking into consideration the unitary plan.