Sell Now, Build Now, It Could Be Your Best Option

In a recent newsletter IKON Homes received from Allan Maclean of Bayleys, he alluded to the fact that despite predictions of the housing market falling significantly in Rodney, it did not, according to the authoritative REINZ. However, volumes did remain lower (-10.8% year on year).

There appear to be two markets developing here:

1. The demand for lower-priced houses, including those suiting first home buyers, remains strong. Many of these buyers struggle to get past their banks’ rigid stress testing regimes. Mortgage brokers are not aligned to any bank and will find you the best mortgage for your circumstances. Don’t know any? Call IKON Homes for a list of well qualified brokers.

2. Unfortunately, this ultra-cautious approach is impacting on section sales too, as banks appear to want to see “turnkey” (i.e. fixed price) total solutions. So if you like a particular section (we have plenty on offer), talk to IKON Homes, who can help. Signing up with IKON Homes we offer a 10 year Master Builders Premium warranty!

3. Last month, the news was declining property prices. This month, the banks are saying that we’ll be seeing 15%-20% price increases in the next 4 years! 

In a nutshell, it has never been cheaper to build than it is today. Sell now, build now, it could be your best option.

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