During the Build

Here is what you can expect during the building process.

Planning the build together

Shake hands

Pre-construction meeting

Just before starting on site, your project manager will meet with you for an hour or two to go over the project from an ‘on site’ perspective. Your new home consultant or a member of the operations team (who you have already been working with) will probably be present for part of this meeting.

Happy, successful or cheerful designer feeling motivated in office

Health and safety

Even though this is your home being built, we have to limit your access to the site significantly. You will go through a health and safety induction and then have to get permission to visit the actual site.

Keeping you updated

The guys are spreading dry cement

Projected build programme

Once we have the slab down and the prenail on site, we are happy to provide you with a projected build programme so you can see the time frames envisaged.

Team of women architect and men construction worker at construction site. They are looking at blueprint. They are discussing about their project.

On-site meetings

We invite you to participate in-on site meetings with the project manager during office hours, when either you or they see one as beneficial. Usually this will be limited to a few meetings at important stages of the build.

What about those delays we hear about?

Depending on weather, we may encounter some delays on your build. Your project manager will notify you if there have been any delays that impact the projected build programme.

Approaching handover

Exciting times! As we approach handover, we invite you to do a walk through with our project manager to identify any defects or omissions. This is what is known in the industry as a ‘snag’ list. Why is it called a ‘snag’ list . . . we don’t know, it just is! Concurrent with finishing your home and attending to the ‘snag’ list in preparation for handover, we work with you in getting the financial side of things in order. You will receive a preliminary settlement statement showing all the payments you have made, any variation extras you have added, provisional sum adjustments and the final balance owing. You have time to look this over and compare with your own records. We remind you to organise your own insurance and try to make the whole final settlement and handover the positive start to moving into your new Ikon Home that it should be. On handover day, our team look forward to meeting with you in your new home to take a moment to enjoy the experience of giving you the keys and full ownership. We will have journeyed together for quite some time by now and this is where we have all been heading since the day you first made contact with Ikon Homes.

What’s Next?

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