Between Signing and Starting

Once you’ve got a signed contract with the agreed plans and specification, you will be eager to see action on site. So are we, but there is a process to work through to get there.

Firstly, there is the preparation of the working drawings and the processing of your building consent by council. This takes about three months. So what do you do while this is happening?

Make sure you are happy with everything

Double Check

A couple of weeks into the process we ask you to look over the main pages of the working drawings to double check on things like hose tap positions, the way shower doors open and so forth. Any minor changes at this stage are easy and cheap compared with changing things on site

filling out paper documents

Talk to the experts

Documents of  specific kitchen design

Meet With The Kitchen Maker

You will meet with our kitchen maker to go over a specific kitchen design. Our contract plans will show an envisaged kitchen layout, but now you get into those exciting specifics. You will receive pricing for the kitchen you design to compare with the allowance in the contract.

Choosing colours for new home and kitchen

Colours Consultation

Another important meeting is the colours consultation with our professional colour consultant, who has all the samples and displays you need to make your choices. Hopefully you have been gathering ideas of the look you like in preparation for this meeting. After this meeting you should have a full colour schedule for us to work from. Sometimes variations come out of this meeting, which we price and get off to you for approval. This could be things like going to a coloured vanity, or choosing your tiles from a more expensive range than has been included in your specification.

light bulb on black background

Meet our Electrician

There is so much one can do with the electrical services in a home now and we have no idea what you want. We allow a reasonably generous electrical fit out, but for the specifics we have you meet with our electrician. He will go over the layout you want and produce an electrical plan for you to sign, as well as price up any changes you may like.

Polish the last details

Wardrobes Direct

When it comes to wardrobe fitouts, our allowance is stated in the specification, but you may want more. The best way to organise this is to meet with Wardrobes Direct and come up with a design that works for your needs.

Modern wood furniture in closet

What’s Next?

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