Bringing simplicity to the home builder experience

If you have saved your deposit and are ready to take a big step into the adult world of home ownership, you could feel somewhat overwhelmed. It’s natural to have some questions about the best way to approach becoming home builders. If finding the most uncomplicated process to nail down your dream still feels tricky, you can do plenty to break it down into a pleasurable experience.

IKON Homes know the ropes

If you’ve decided to buy land and build, you have a bunch of reasons for handing over the tricky bits to IKON Homes; the first is the assurance that when you choose IKON, your home builder isn’t going to explode your budget! 

Relatively strict regulations control what is possible on any particular piece of land, so having a professional in your corner from the outset makes sense. Starting your home builder journey with IKON Homes helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensures that the right things are done in the correct order.

Let’s make it easy

You probably have a reasonably clear picture of the type of home you want to build on your Auckland section. You may have worked on a mood board. And you likely have a checklist of must-haves for your dream home. 

This is where IKON Homes shine; our new home consultants and in-house architectural designer are poised to incorporate the features you want into a custom-designed home builder experience that will feel much easier than you may have expected.

Get what you pay for

We are on board with your home-building process from the first day you’re ready to take that initial step onto your land to locate your boundary pegs. This means we can guide you through the Geotech process, undertake a full site inspection for you, and have a comprehensive home builder system that’s been honed to ensure you also get a visual jumping off point. You can see exactly what you’re paying for at our display centre, and your quote is totally transparent.

Restrictions, covenants and essential services

We have a range of standardised designs on display that are beautiful and functional, and every idea we put forward during our home builder process will comply with your specific district plan requirements. 

The crew at IKON Homes assist you with the discovery of any restrictions that may be placed on your title and covenants that might need to be addressed. We help you pinpoint the pertinent information that may apply to your section around sewerage, gas, power, or internet connectivity—and just generally smooth the way forward for you.

Engineering requirements and an accurate timeline

IKON Homes provide you with important information regarding any extra engineering that may be necessary on your site. This can occur due to your build being in a high wind zone, on a steep gradient, or in areas that may be more susceptible to damage from earthquakes or floods. 

It’s really important to us that the home builder journey is something you will look back on as a pleasurable experience, so we draw up an itemised timeline before breaking ground. This allows you to plan your movements around what you know is around the corner. 

Build guarantee for peace of mind

With our Build Guarantee, you can be certain that every tradesperson and supplier we use has been thoroughly vetted. With lower costs made possible because we’re an independent home builder, we also have our own interior designer that can help you make your colour vision a reality—and we only require a minimum 10% deposit when you sign with us. 

New Zealand families supporting each other

Our family is in business to make sure your family gets the support you need to realise your home ownership goals. We are a Kiwi team making Kiwi dreams come true, and it’s a point of pride for us to ensure that every client is impressed with the end result and that your new home not only looks great but it’s also built to endure the changeable New Zealand climate.

If you’re ready to make the process of getting into your new home simple, get in touch with the friendly team at IKON Homes. We’re the home builder you can trust to make your dreams a reality.