For most of us, building a new home in Auckland is one of the biggest investments we will ever make. You need to secure this investment by choosing only the best builders in Auckland. They will provide advice on how to build your dream home. 

The builders should consider your needs and requirements. Your new Auckland home should address your current and future needs. 

Here are some critical factors to look for when choosing new home builders in Auckland:


The best thing that guarantees quality in Auckland is choosing a certified builder. This ensures that the new home builders meet specific quality criteria, have the required experience, and follow the needed workmanship standards. To cut it short, it will give you peace of mind that your new Auckland home is in capable hands. 

Custom New House Plans

When it comes to new homes, there is no one-size-fits-all plan or design. That is why you need to look for new home builders in Auckland that provide custom plans. This will give you total freedom to design your new Auckland home the way you want. The builders can guide you through this process to help incorporate all your requirements while staying within your budget.


Make sure the builders you choose for your new home in Auckland have years of experience in the field. If they were not doing a good job, they would not be still in business after all these years. They would have also worked on different projects across Auckland. 

Ikon Homes is one of the top new home builders in Auckland. We understand that building a new home is not just about the timber and nails but also about discovering what your new dream home looks like and what your needs are. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process. 

As members of the NZ Certified Builders Association, you can rest assured that Ikon Homes is the best choice for your new home. We also use only licenced building practitioners to guarantee quality in all our work. We offer an extensive range of new Auckland home plans. These can be adapted to suit all your needs and wants. We also provide a full design and build service with an in-house designer. You can also approach our company with your home plans.

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