The Ikon Process

A team to deliver the dream

Design and Build

You may already own a section or be considering purchasing a specific site for a new home. This is an exciting process and we know that! Building your home is usually one of your biggest investments financially and often emotionally. So how does it work with Ikon Homes?

One or more of our team will visit you on site to get a better understanding of your dreams and visions for your new home.

You may have already seen that one of our standard plans comes close to becoming your special home and we can work from this or from a completely blank canvas.

We will usually ask for a design fee of $3,000. This is many times less than you would pay for an architect to design your home and for this you get the following:

  • The services of our experienced and successful in-house designer. You can see examples of her work to assess previous designs to give you confidence. She will check town planning rules and covenants before starting the design process to know what can and can’t be done on your site;
  • A quote for the home to the specification you want from the concept plans. That’s right, a quote and not just an estimate. This is a significant advantage of working with Ikon Homes – we quote off the concept plans before you spend thousands of dollars on drafting and engineering.
  • We price alternatives and changes as the process is worked through.

We will usually need contours for your site and a geotechnical report to assess soil conditions. Most vendors supply these.

Our designer will meet with you and go over what is important to you in your new home. This isn’t just about how many bedrooms and bathrooms, but what is important to you in terms of flow, functionality, priorities, feel and style. These are important questions because your home is more than a building with rooms, it is an Ikon of who you and those dear to you are.

An initial concept will be presented to you, to which you can make changes or ask us to price as is.

A specification will be prepared by you and our new home consultant so that the plan can then be quoted. Remember again – you don’t have to pay for expensive working drawings before we give you a quote.

Once the plan, specification and price are agreed to we prepare contracts for you and your solicitor to check before we sign them.

Then it’s sign the contracts and off to working drawings and council.